Tired of the 
"Make $100,000 In JUST 10 Days!!!" Marketing?
Yeah, me too.
We've ALL seen the videos.
"I earned $100,000 overnight! Here's how you do it, too!"

Imagine you're at work. You work in an office. The work is dull and you hate your co-workers. One day, you're browsing Facebook and you run across a video from an "internet marketing genius" who promises you riches beyond your wildest dreams from just 5 minutes of work a day.

You're interested. You watch the video. Maybe you even invest in the product that he's selling. 

Regardless, you're hooked. Online business is where it's at, right...

The freedom to work from wherever you want in the world - whether it's sandy beaches in Thailand or a cafe overlooking a charming European old town square...

Or the freedom to work whenever you want, freeing up more time for personal relationships, fitness goals, and generally not having to punch a timecard...

...or maybe you are just completely sick of the 9-5 until you die gig.

So you build a website. You start tinkering with everything. You write content. You hit publish. And you wait for those visitors dollars to start rolling in...

And nothing happens.

Not even a single visitor. A week goes by. A month. Maybe even three months. Or worse, a year. Still, little (or no) people are finding your site. And the dollars are just not coming in.

Your goal to make money online was falling flat on it's face. 

The frustration sets in. How do people really make money on the internet? Perhaps even a bit of depression begins to creep into the back of your mind, knowing that the only way to live the rest of your life is by staying in the safe but soul-sucking office job.

I know how you feel.

I've been building websites for 16 years now. I had to learn through guessing and testing. A lot of it.

And I didn't make money online for a long time, either. I had to screw up a lot, endure a lot of frustration and heartbreak, and generally try everything until I figured out how it really worked.

Does this sound familiar?

So if you're here now - you've seen my six FREE videos about how to build a small and profitable niche site. I hope you enjoyed them! 

Now that you've seen my own sites and thought process, it's time to show you some REAL income reports.

But first...
The 9:30 to 4:15 Story...
Let me tell you a quick story about myself. 

That cool? Great. 

First off, I'm Kyle. I'm originally from California (Sacramento > San Diego > Los Angeles), but...

These days, I live in Prague (that's in the Czech Republic, a country in Central Europe).

I've also lived in...

- Krakow, Poland
- Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine
- Istanbul, Turkey
- Budapest, Hungary
- Barranquilla, Colombia...

...and many, many other trips to other countries throughout the world. 

Building out my various websites that make me money allowed me to do all of that (and continue to survive), but....

Before that, I was a computer engineer - and a well paid one, at that! I was young, had a ton of money, a sweet car and apartment, and...

... I absolutely hated my life.

Do you know what my day used to look like when I was a computer engineer? 

Well, it was actually just one block from the beach in Santa Monica, California. I was fortunate enough to make good money, and walk to work.

Life could have been a HELL of a lot worse...

But the job was a joke. 

After working there for two months, I realized I didn't need to do much of anything. I ended up lasting about one year and three months, in total. 

Want to know how pathetic my day was before I quit?

Well, here you go...

9:00 am: I'm supposed to be at work, but this was the time I was just leaving my house.
9:30 am: Walk into work.
10:45 am: Go to the private roof with my friend and drink coffee for 45 minutes.
11:30 am: Grudgingly go back to work.
12:30 pm: Take my lunch and head to the gym...for an hour and a half. Sometimes I stopped at Chiptotle, too.
2:00 pm: Get back to my desk...be bored...
2:30 pm: Go back to the roof with my friend...AGAIN, for 45 minutes.
3:15 pm: Back to the desk. Anything happen? Nope.
3:30 pm: Go to my car (underground parking). Take a nap.
4:00 pm: The time my boss would leave. I'd make sure to be at my desk in case he stopped by on the way out.
4:15 pm: The boss is gone?! Time to leave!

It might sound okay on paper, but...

I was miserable.
So...I Quit.
Insanity, Right?
I was 24 years old and making $100,000.

Yeah, some might call it insanity. Actually, many did :)

At the time, I had a large "authority" blog, and still do (it's probably how you found this page!). But it wasn't making much, only $100 or so a month.

I knew I needed to diversify.

So I built my first niche site about various tequila products (what can I say, I'm a California boy who loves his tacos and tequila). Within a month it got it's first sale.

It wasn't even a tequila product.

It was a box of "potato chip chocolates" that someone had bought after clicking my link. 

I made a whopping $0.56 on it.
That tequila site makes me a bit of money to this day:

But...it was something.

I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket of my big site -- what if it never got bigger? 

That first tequila site didn't work out. It was successful, but not enough money.

So, I revisited the niche site idea later in the year...

...because my bigger website/blog wasn't working. I was worried I was going to end up broke, and moving back to California to live with Mom and Dad.

Talk about a nightmare. All those claims that I was insane were...well, about to come true.

Since then, things turned around and the big site really took off. 

But by that time, I'd built a small site about living in Ukraine (UkraineLiving.com). I published the first posts, and in few months...this happened.
And...that's only 1 affiliate product.

For only 1 of my many websites.

Here's another example (I started this site early January '17, and got sales within just a couple of weeks).
And another...
Truths About Making Money Online
How would YOU like to make a bit of extra PASSIVE income?
I'm sure you would!

Here is the cold, hard reality of making money online:

It will probably take you at least one year to get the hang of it, figure out what works, and actually make some money.

And this assumes you are willing to work hard. Whether that means giving up some nights out partying, or just losing some sleep for your 9-5...it's going to take sacrifice.

Maybe you feel like you don't have the time?

Or perhaps there are just so many marketing scammers out there shoving crap down your throat, you don't know how to separate the good from the bad?

It's also much more difficult to make money by building a large "lifestyle" blog. I got lucky that mine took off (granted, I worked hard, but luck was involved).

99% of people would be better off trying their hand in something small like a niche site as a "test run".

If you do that and manage to make that first $100, you'll know it's possible. 

The first $100 is always the hardest.

Now, I'm giving up all my secrets and teaching YOU you how to do it -- even if you've never made a cent ($0.01) online. 

Without any need for super-advanced-techy-gadgets, unethical/spammy marketing tactics, or any of the crazy 5-figure price tags.

So, are you ready for this...?
How to Make Your First $100 Online
The Proven System to Give You a Heads Start
Towards Financial Freedom, and Give Your Boss a Final "Goodbye"...

...or, something worse than that ;)
"Pro Niche Site does a few things very well. Thankfully, they are essentials for niche site success. 

First, Kyle gives you a realistic expectation of how much you can earn as a beginner

Second, he shows you how to find profitable keywords in a simple way. 

Third, he hand-holds you through building an entire website from scratch. If you follow his system and put in the work, you will see results."

-Nabeel Azeez

Pro Niche Site (PNS) is a 12-week video series of building a niche site, from start to finish -- with no outside help or elaborate technical skills needed. 

I teach you EVERYTHING I know about making money on the Internet. The skills that have allowed me to live a life of FREEDOM, away from the boring office, in-your-face boss, and all the stupid co-workers we love to hate.

It's designed to give you a HUGE head-start on making money online...and I'm not going to sit here and promise you millions.

We all hate "gurus" who teach you a bunch of fluff...

...they give you a bunch of transparent advice but don't actually tell you what to do - or hell, even what they did. Sound familiar?

That's why this program is based around watching me actually create a small, profitable website in real-time.
"There were a lot of benefits to working with Kyle. I've been writing online for almost 4 years now. I have a solid foundation. I just needed help with making some tweaks/adjustments here and there.

Kyle was very helpful because he listed/explained what exactly needed to be done to reach that next level. No questions were left unanswered and he cleared up a lot of things for me."

Finding Your Niche
Weeks 1-4
The process of building a niche site...

From buying the domain, configuring DNS, to installing WordPress -- I walk you through EVERY step of the process (and make sense of any lame technical jargon, so you don't have to worry about it).

I also discuss where to buy domains and hosting to get you the BEST bang for your buck $$$.
Style and Themes
Weeks 5-8
There is comprehensive detail about themes, layouts, style, and color to make sure your website will attract (and keep) visitors.

In addition, I teach you how to mimic the theme demo sites in just a matter of MINUTES versus wasting HOURS trying to clone it...(that is why you bought the theme in the first place, right?)

Believe it or not, you don't need to be a Photoshop or Illustrator wiz to make slick-looking graphics for your website; whether it's a niche site, business site, or blog.

I used to think this was the case, until I found one incredible tool that allows me to crank out the beautiful images you see on my sites in seconds, not hours.

I'll show you how to become a natural at graphics that will make people gape in awe at your work (like the ones on this page you're reading now!
Growing YOUR New Website
Weeks 9-12
I discuss using paid traffic to get ahead, how to promote on social media, and how to get visitors to your site (and money into your pocket) as soon as possible.

You'll also learn the secrets of guest posting - how to approach someone about posting on their larger site so you'll get a YES.

AND, throughout all 12 weeks, every week...

You're going to get to work with me, 1-on-1. 

Here's how...
Email & Voxer Coaching
That's right - I'm by your side as you go through this.

For the first 90 DAYS of your purchase you will receive 24/7 email coaching. Have a question? Send me an email. It's that simple.

I'm also available on Voxer and encourage you to use this, as it allows us to exchange voice notes at a quick speed, like a phone call.

In addition, there's a private Voxer mastermind group with many members of the course. You can share ideas and feedback with fellow PNS members!

My normal hourly consulting rate is $200, so let's do some math:
My actual office in Europe where I'll be working from!
 $200 x 4 Hours x 12 Weeks = $9,600
1-on-1 Screenshare (x2!)
VALUE: $394
Yup, that's right!

I'm going to get on a screenshare and work with you 1-on-1 to get YOU the best results possible.

You get one session at the end of month #1 of the program and a second one at the conclusion of the course. I'll answer all your questions and more!

Why do this Kyle? What about PASSIVE income?

Because I REALLY want you to succeed with this. Your success validates the course, plus you'll give me awesome referrals!
BONUS #3: 
1 Hour, 1 Sales Page
VALUE: $297
I had to re-design one of my eBook sales pages, and I recorded the entire thing.

In this one hour (and 7 minute, okay okay I lied a bit) video, you get to see me work in real-time. I troubleshoot various problems, talk design out loud (to myself...and YOU).

It's a raw and unedited look into the deeper thoughts of someone who is making their living online...

...rare in these days where people won't even show screenshots of their earnings...yet want to charge you $10,000 for their course.
The Vault of Resources
VALUE: $197
You will learn every tool I have EVER used to help make my online venture a success...

...all of which will help YOU save TIME (which = money).

Yes, even the bad ones (so you know to steer clear of them).

These tools are POWERFUL (and many are free).

No more wading through pages and pages of Google searches trying to find an honest review of an honest product.

You'll be off to the races with your website.
VALUE: $99
Aren't you tired of online "gurus" who use stupid acronyms and create jargon-laced posts (and then try to sell you a "solution")?

This glossary will break down EVERY term you may run across while trying to make money online.

And, it's constantly being updated!
Amazon Hacking
VALUE: $297
I've self-published 5 eBooks (and counting!).

It's actually very easy to re-package your niche content into an eBook -- and I'm going to show you how to make money off of work YOU ALREADY DID.

This is a proven, easy-to-implement formula that can easily have you selling a handful of books a month with no extra time or effort needed.
Total Bonus Value = $10,788
Okay, here's the deal you've been waiting for.

Whether you want to break free of your horrible corporate job...

...travel the world...

...or just want to have some EXTRA money in the bank...

Here's what you must do, ASAP.

Click one of the big 'ol buttons below, and you'll be redirected to my secure, SSL-encrypted checkout page. In other words...your information is secure. 

I know, I know, I promised no jargon. That's the end of it, I promise!


1.) Pay a 1-time fee for the course.
2.) Pay over 3 months.

Both options include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Once on that secure page, you'll be presented with payment options - either credit card or PayPal work fine (online money-making tip: always accept both).

Follow the instructions on the page, and you'll get INSTANT access to Pro Niche Site.

You'll have instant access to the first few lessons, and you will receive one new module per week for the next 12 weeks.

I'll see you inside PNS, and I can't wait to work with you.


Kyle Trouble

PS: Hey, bottom-skipper! I know you're here. Scroll down a bit more for a quick recap of what's inside the course.
PNS is brilliant.

A raw, unedited look into the mind of someone who "gets it".

- Ben
Kyle did an amazing job of giving you real world examples and true how to guide.

- J.
Loved video 1. Got me hooked on how can I do this.

- Kyle M.
Three weeks in and the program has completely changed the way I look at Niche Sites. From Niche selection to article generation, I am seeing things in a whole new light.

PS: I know time is $$$, so if you skipped to the bottom let's recap...
In this course, you're going to get...

  •  FULL, LIFETIME access to ProNicheSite.com 
  •  12 raw, live videos of me building a small niche site for profit.
  •  Additional audio modules to supplement the live learning
  •  Backed by my iron-clad 30 day money-back guarantee (email support@pronichesite.com and I'll PERSONALLY handle it)
  •  48 hours of my time when you have 1-on-1 LIVE CHAT access to me ($9,600 value)
  •  2 separate screen-sharing consultations - I'll help you with ANYTHING you want me to! ($394 value) 
  •  1 Hour, 1 Sales Page Bonus Video
  •  The Vault: Advice and access to EVERY tool I have EVER used to make money online 
  •  Glossary of any and all technical, website, and business terms I could think of that is pertinent to this course (and it's being updated constantly!) 
  •  Amazon Blog to eBook guide: How to turn your niche site into an easy Amazon money-maker
You'd think this is going to cost you $5,000, but it won't. I won't even charge $2,000 (even though my beta students think I should)

No, I've decided to reduce the price even LOWER because I truly believe that this is the best product I've ever created. And I want you to have it. 

Because I want you to have the same chance at freedom that I've had.

I just know that once you try it, you'll be making more money faster/easier than you thought possible.

That's why I'm offering this product for the price it is.
"Kyle's new product is nothing short of fantastic. 

He makes creating a new niche site very approachable, even for someone with little to no web design experience. It doesn't stop at just web design either. Kyle walks you through everything from creating content to optimizing your page for SEO. 

This is a complete all in one package. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a ton. I've already used most of what I've learned to set up my own site with ease."

- Nick B.

I tried affiliate marketing for about an entire year without much “success.” Almost all of my mistakes are addressed in Kyle’s Pro Niche Site course.

Using his “watch over my shoulder” style, Kyle showed clever approaches and channels that I had never thought of with affiliate marketing and digital products. He also broke down how to REALLY select a niche (“fitness” is not a niche), how to analyze my competition, and most importantly, how to select and sell products.

Kyle is equally helpful in office hours, and knows what questions to ask to figure out exactly what you are doing wrong in a 5-minute conversation. I’ve already taken a lot of his advice and am writing more and looking for new, more profitable affiliate programs! Even as someone who has been at it over a year, I learned a TON from Kyle’s Pro Niche Site course.

- Kyle Milligan
All99Life.com & RealKyleMilligan.com
Everything I Know

For 1 Low Price
(Click The Big Green Button Below)
Are you guaranteeing I will make money?
Heck no :)

While if you follow the lessons, utilize the coaching, and take action - there is a good chance you will.

However, anyone who promises that you are going to make money is a scammer. There are no guarantees in life, and good things take hard work!

Can you explain EXACTLY what's inside?

This is a 12-week course. Every week, you'll get access to new lessons. There are 12 videos of me building a niche-site in real-time. The entire process is recorded, with all of my raw-(mostly)-unedited thoughts :)

I've also added more bonus content in the form of audio modules - explaining into further depth what you need to do to build a profitable website and start making money.

BUT, the real value in Pro Niche Site is definitely the coaching aspect of it. Every week you get to chat to me for four hours and ask any and all questions you may have about websites and online business.

Why is the content "dripped" instead of all at once?
Simply put, because I've learned the hard way that giving someone the keys to the Ferrari before they've driven a go-kart is a bad idea.

The Ferrari never gets started.

Okay, that was a bad example. In that one, the Ferrari gets crashed. But you get my point!

However, information overload is a real thing. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you look at all the steps and just never start. The course is designed to keep you on track and working towards a single goal. Dumping everything on you right on the bat is a sure way to make sure that things never get off the ground!

What's this 30-day guarantee you have?
If at any time you are unhappy with your experience, or have an emergency - I've got you covered with my no-strings-attached 30 day guarantee.

Can you give some more details on the 30-day money back guarantee? Too many internet guys these same claims, but throw in these impossible "loopholes" that prevent me from getting my money back!
Totally get where you're coming from on this one (from experience). It's really simple, and let me explain.

You're going to have the option to pay over the course of 3 months, or just a 1-time charge.

If you choose the 1-Time charge, you've got 30 days to try it out. This means that if you purchase the product on January 1st, you've got until the end of the day on January 30th with the full 30-day guarantee.

If you choose the monthly plan, you have 30 days from your last payment to be refunded for that payment.

Let's say you purchase PNS on January 1st. This means your second charge will be on February 1st. On February 13th (the day before Valentine's Day), you realize you need some spare cash to buy something for your sweetheart. This means that you are eligible for a refund regarding the payment from February 1st, but not the one from January 1st.

How EXACTLY do the office hours work?
I'm glad you asked that, because it's one of the best things about the course!

You have 24/7 email access to me. I usually respond within 8 hours.

In addition, there is a PRIVATE Voxer (chat/voice message system) with all the students. You can share ideas and ask questions there, too! Voxer is a fantastic tool used by MANY very successful entrepreneurs. 

And what about the screen sharing sessions - how do those work?
In these cases, I'll be getting on a screen share with you to work with you on your website. You are free to ask me anything and everything. 

I do not guarantee I can answer all of your technical questions (such as editing themes at a core level), but I do promise I will try.

You can use your first screen share anytime after the first month, and your second one within one month of completing the program.

I am very flexible about the time for these and will work around your schedule the best I can.

How do I know you are not some scammy internet huckster who is going to take my money to buy copious amounts of God-knows-what?
Simply put, I am, at the core, a small business owner. I am a 1-man shop from the admin perspective, and have one staff writer (who writes for the small niche sites).

Therefore, customer service is critical to me and my business.

If you are not happy, I'm not either. That's why the 30 days is completely unconditional. If you aren't happy with Pro Niche Site for any reason, I'll personally refund the money to your credit card or PayPal account.

Man, this all sounds pretty good. How do I get started with PNS again?
1.) Just click one of the green buttons below.

2.) You'll be taken to my SECURE checkout page which contains all the details you need to get started. 

3.) Once your payment has been processed, you'll be re-directed to a Thank You page which contains another big green button to take you right to the dashboard.

4.) I'll see you on the other side :)
"I'd recommend him (and already did). He's a young guy specializing in making niche sites, and he's good at both creating a site from scratch AND optimizing them for SEO."
"Kyle was very helpful because he listed/explained what exactly needed to be done to reach that next level. No questions were left unanswered and he cleared up a lot of things for me."
If you’re looking for someone to create a professional-looking, high-quality site for you, Kyle is the man to go to.
Questions? Comments? Need Help? Email SUPPORT@PRONICHESITE.COM

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